Anaesthesiologist optional with specialisation in intensive-care (m/w) – Vienna

Anaesthesiologist optinal with specialisation in intensive-care (m/w)  – Vienna

Our client, a renowned middle-sized hospital in Vienna, Austria.

What the position offers:

  • a good remuneration and an average of four night shifts per month
  • The main duties lie in the field of general anasthaesia, but regional anaesthesia is also to be performed depending on needs. Additional know-how will be gained in the field. Depending on your interests, you will be able to take on additional responsibilities in the intensive-care unit, which will soon expand from four beds to six.
  • a growing institution which has shown its dynamism in such areas as internal medicine, gynaeconlogy, adult oncology and plastic surgery
  • a very well-balanced workload
  • entitlement to ten days per year of external training during working hours
  • a highly-motivated and extremely cooperative team
  • On-site accommodation will be provided on request by the hospital for the first few months (at minimal cost).

What you can offer:

  • You are a qualified anaesthesiologist who would highly appreciate an outstanding, harmonious, team-oriented work environment as well as opportunities for further professional development.
  • You are a team player who appreciates and promotes openness in your work Relations.

You will receive an attractive gross salary, which may vary depending on experience, of at least € 93,000 per year (this amounts to the basic salary with three or four night shifts per month). In addition there will be substantial monthly supplements (currently about € 900 per month), ensuring that your career move with its long-term prospects will provide security from a financial perspective as well. We strongly support foreign applicants and help them with all administrative paperwork required to be registered as a medical doctor in Austria. We also accompany candidates to interviews.   

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Radiolgist (m/w) – Vienna area

Radiologist (m/w) – Vienna area

Our client is a renowned hospital with over 400 beds in the Austrian province of Lower Austria and within easy reach of Vienna.

What the position offers you:

  • an attractive remuneration with extra income opportunities (involves three to four night shifts per month)
  • There are about 70,000 radiological examinations to be carried out each year. The department is equipped with the latest technology and has a special focus on breast diagnostics, vascular diagnostics and therapy, as well as the use of modern imaging techniques such as CT and MRT. Any experience you may have in interventional radiology would also be welcome.
  • A reasonable workload with a variety of patterns to choose from regarding the organisation of working time, leading to a high level of staff satisfaction
  • 15 days per year of paid external further training
  • a well-established and motivated team
  • accommodation is available for foreign doctors at very reasonable price

What you can offer:

  • You are a radiologist interested in finding a long-term position
  • You are a team player who appreciates and promotes openness in work Relations.

The average gross yearly salary ranges from € 90,000 to 110,000, depending on prior experience and night shifts. Total working hours, including night shifts, may not exceed 48 hours/week (a standard working week is 40 hours). en/Woche ist  Normalarbeitszeit). In addition, their are various monthly supplements.  We fully support foreign applicants, helping them with all administrative paperwork required to be registered as a medical doctor in Austria and accompanying them to interviews.

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