Internist and/or a cardiologist (invasive & conservative surgery) – Vienna area

 Our clients, are well-known hospitals in the Vienna area in Austria, with over 500 and 160 beds.

What you can expect:

  • a good remuneration and an average of three to four night shifts per month
  • First Hospital – The Department of Internal Medicine with its 110 beds is strongly focused on inpatient primary care. It encompasses cardiology (80 beds), nephrology and dialysis, including invasive cardiology, as well as an intensive care unit with 12 beds. The department also includes an admission ward, an outpatient pacemaker section and the use of ICD/CRT devices.
  • Second Hospital – The department for internal medicine has 60 beds (out of a total of 160 in the hospital) and 3,000 inpatients per year, as well as 7,000 outpatients. The department also includes a laboratory and a physiotherapy unit. Together with the surgery department, it shares responsibility for an outpatient endoscopy unit. Health disorders in all areas of internal medicine are treated within the department.
  • A wide range of work patterns can be chosen from, ensuring a high level of satisfaction among staff.
  • Entitlement to 15 days of paid external training per year
  • A well-established and motivated Team in both hospitals
  • Optional on-site accommodation from € 214 / month. The hospital is situated in the Vienna area and many of the doctors commute daily from Vienna, so living in Vienna is another uncomplicated Option.

What you can offer:

  • For the general internal medicine position, you must be a specialist in internal medicine. For the cardiology position, you must be a specialist in cardiology with experience in invasive surgery in the invasive position.
  • You are interested in employment on a long-term basis.
  • You are a team player who appreciates and promotes openness in work relations.

The average gross yearly salary ranges from € 90,000 to 110,000  Brutto, depending on prior experience and night shifts. Total working hours, including night shifts, may not exceed 48 hours/week (a standard working week is 40 hours). In addition, their are various monthly supplements.  We fully support foreign applicants, helping them with all administrative paperwork required to be registered as a medical doctor in Austria and accompanying them to interviews

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